The pandemic has caused an economic crisis unlike we've ever seen. We need leaders like President Trump and David McKinley to help rebuild our economy so it can thrive like it was before the virus hit. McKinley has worked to provide relief for families and small businesses who are struggling right now. To rebuild a strong economy and help American workers, McKinley will fight to bring back manufacturing jobs, utilize our abundant American energy sources, and work to diversify West Virginia's economy.


    China must be held responsible for the devastation they have unleashed through their role in allowing Coronavirus to spread across the world. It is more important than ever that America invests in domestic manufacturing and solidify our supply chain so we no longer have to rely on Communist China during crises.


    West Virginians deserve better, more affordable health care. David has been a bipartisan leader on a range of health care issues, from reducing the cost of prescription drugs to ensuring access to care in rural areas. Whether it’s working to bring generic drugs to market faster to bring down prices, opposing cuts that threaten local hospitals, or supporting research into groundbreaking cures, David has delivered for West Virginia.


    West Virginia is the front line in the fight against opioid abuse. David has been a leader on the issue in Congress, fighting for more resources, passing legislation that addresses all aspects of the crisis, and holding bad actors accountable. David has developed and worked to pass several pieces of legislation, including bills that will help people suffering from addiction get the treatment they need and prevent repeat overdoses and promote development of alternatives to opioids for pain management.


    Medicare and Social Security are important programs to many West Virginians. They worked for years to pay into the system and their benefits must be protected. David will always defend Medicare and Social Security and protect current and future retirees, while continuing to work on a long-term solution that ensures the programs survive for future generations.


    It's time we rebuild our crumbling roads and bridges. It's a good thing we elected a builder as President. To keep our economy moving in the right direction we must invest in our roads. I will continue to fight for our fair share of infrastructure money to finally improve our roads.


    David believes that we will never be able to fully repay the debt to our nation’s veterans, but that we must do everything we can to ensure that their service is honored. From those who served in World War Two, to those who have recently returned from Afghanistan and Iraq, David is committed to ensuring our veterans receive the benefits they were promised and the opportunities they deserve.

    At the same time he has worked to ensure our war fighters have the resources and equipment they need to protect us in a dangerous world.